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Vapman Handmade Vaporizer

Vapman Handmade Vaporizer

Vapman Handmade Vaporizer​ 

This wonderful vapouriser is handmade in Switzerland to the highest tolerances. Designed purely to do one thing this is a handmade marvel - THE vaporizer you just have to own.

Using a copper heat sink coated in gold to ensure a smooth and even spread of heat through the heating chamber this vaporizer takes only 7 seconds to be up and running.  Heat the chamber with a lighter, then inhale through the solid wood body of the vapman vap.  The wood acts as a heat insulator and is also totally inert and totally safe for use.  No chemicalsoxides created by heating.

What seems like a cunningly simple design is a revelation in design engineering, with an absolute attention to details that is breathtaking.  The air nozzles in particular are breathtaking in simplicity but an elegant solution to ensuring a very tasty vapping experience.


  • Natural Dry Herb


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