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The Alpha Tray by KindTray

The Alpha Tray by KindTray

The Alpha Tray is made out of premium wood from forest certified green or reclaimed woods.

Kind Tray is crafted in the USA. As with all the Kind Tray range; the wood is coated with a natural food-safe finish.

Was: £305.00 - Now: £225.00

Product Features

  • L: 50.8 cm W:50.8cm H:1.9 cm W/Lip H: 3.8cm
  • Premium Wood
  • Lip held down by powerful magnets and rubber seals 
  • Lots of space for various instruments such as magnets, dab tools, silicone pots...
  • Includes one small and large Oil Slick pad that are removable, and one No Goo dish. The Alpha tray has a place for 2 no goo containers and 2 slick stacks a Rolling Tray includes magnetic lid that works for a lap tray This Kindray is designed for tools, 4" bubbler,  4" grinder, torch, slots for papers and a 14mm & 19 mm bowls a place for your it out and more this Kindray is not for the beginner.

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GBP Price

KT-036The Alpha Tray by KindTray1 Tray225.00