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2 Piece Magnetic Titanium Grinder by Space Case Grinders

2 Piece Magnetic Titanium Grinder by Space Case Grinders

This lightweight, heavy duty grinder from the Space Case company, is so strong that it can be used to grind your solid! The titanium alloy keeps the edges razor sharp so this grinder cuts through your solid in seconds, producing a fine dust of goodness. Simply break up the resin into slightly smaller pieces and twist!

Since the Titanium makes this grinder non-stick, it can be used for herb too.

The space case titanium hash grinder comes in three different sizes, for all kinds of smokers.

Product Features

  • Glossy AnodiseD​
  • 2 Piece

Available in three sizes:

  • Small - height 2.2cm, width 4.6cm
  • Medium - height 2.2cm, width 6cm
  • Large - height 3cm, width 8.5cm

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GBP Price

SCGMT-S-TITANIUMSpace Case Magnetic Titanium GrinderSmall25.00
SCGMT-M-TITANIUMSpace Case Magnetic Titanium GrinderMedium28.00
SCGMT-L-TITANIUMSpace Case Magnetic Titanium GrinderLarge35.00

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