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Sauce Boss Titanium Dab Tool by Happy Daddy Tools

Sauce Boss Titanium Dab Tool by Happy Daddy Tools

Every prospector needs the right tool for the job and The Sauce Boss with the scoop on one side and pick on the other means that you can carry out your own gold rush without without losing a single speck of precious ore. The Sauce Boss makes mining safe – no more inhaling harmful particles, coming home with your face covered in soot, or having to leave the house. You’ll be saying “heigh ho” without going off to work.

Product Features

  • CP Grade 2 Pure Titatium
  • Made in the USA
  • Very Limited in the UK
  • Official UK Distributor

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GBP Price

HDP-015-TITitanium Dab Tool by Happy Daddy ToolsSauce Boss18.00Out of Stock

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