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Roor Wooden Bowl Display Stand

Roor Wooden Bowl Display Stand

If you're an enthusiast of Roor products, you will know the importance of keeping all the parts in good shape. You'll also be aware that it never hurts to show off your prized possessions to friends or foes! This is where the Roor Wooden Bowl Display Stand comes into its own.

This high quality display stand has space for up to four Roor Bowls, which simply slot into place and stay snug and secure. The stand looks very professional ensuring that this clever way of storing and presenting your Roor Bowls will always be in high demand!

Product Features

  • Comes in either 18.8 or 14.5 compatible joint sizes.

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GBP Price

804-14Roor Wooden 4 Bowl Display Stand14.550.00
804-18Roor Wooden 4 Bowl Display Stand18.850.00

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