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Roor Gilded Bowl

Roor Gilded Bowl

Roor Gilded Bowl - This glamorous gold glass bowl from roor will make any roor bong look fantastic. It will add that touch of swagger to any glass bong you have also. Made from Boroscilicate and then plated with real gold this piece will look cool on glass on glass bong you have, but will make a roor bong look even more exclusive.

Roor bowls are the perfect addition to any roor bong. Using the same premium schott duran glass the artisans at roor deliver the perfect bowls for the perfect glass bongs. By choosing a roor bowl, you are ensuring that your smoking experience is exactly as the owner and chief designer Martin Birzle wanted you to have.

Product Features

We want to inform all owners of a ROOR with a logo millennium or any other option containing gold or platinum, such as gilded ice notches or bowl, that these are;

  • Neither Dishwasher-Resistant
  • Nor Acid-Resistant

Our gold plating as well as the above mentioned options contain 18ct gold and are not resistant to abrasion. The cleaning of these surfaces should be done with much care, only warm water and a soft cloth. This process guarantees a long-lasting golden outfit.

We cannot resume any liability in case of abrasion of gold covers.


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GBP Price

603//K-18Gilded 18.822.00
603/K-14Gilded 14.530.00

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