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Roor Cypress Hill Phuncky Feel Glass Filter Tip - Proudly Pink

Roor Cypress Hill Phuncky Feel Glass Filter Tip - Proudly Pink

This special edition of the Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel Tips by ROOR is delivered in a chic pink metal box with Phuncky Feel Tips embossing.

As with all Collabs with Nish, here too, each piece is unique, which was handmade in Canada. This Phuncky Feel Tip is only available in a flat version.

Designed by Roor in association with Cypress Hill come the Phuncky Glass Filter Tips to be used instead of a paper or cardboard tip.

Made by Roor from their finest quality borosilicate glass, each tip is expertly shaped to fit perfectly inside a rolled cigarette.  The tip is slightly flattened at the mouthpiece end to make toking easier and to reduce the chance of any tobacco or detritus getting through the tip.  The funky tips are used in the end of your cigarette to cool and filter the smoke. This little glass filter has been designed to be used again and again.  


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We are the Official UK Distributor and Wholesaler for RooR products in the UK, so you can buy this Roor product with confidence from PureSativa.com

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911-PFT-PRPRoor Cypress Hill Phuncky Feel Glass Filter TipProudly Pink27.00