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Roor Crown Bowl

Roor Crown Bowl

This beautifully adorned glass bowl form Roor, features their unique crown edge. Often imitated by others this design is unique to Roor glass. Taking beads of coloured glass carefully overlaid in beads around the edge of the crown bowl, the artisans at Roor prove once again why their products are the amongst the most sought after glass cult objects.

Roor bowls are the perfect addition to any roor bong. Using the same premium schott duran glass the artisans at roor deliver the perfect bowls for the perfect glass bongs. By choosing a roor bowl, you are ensuring that your smoking experience is exactly as the owner and chief designer Martin Birzle wanted you to have.

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GBP Price

606/K-14Crown Bowl 14.546.00
606/K-18Crown Bowl 18.850.00

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