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RooR Glass Ash Tray

RooR Glass Ash Tray

A selection of roor glass ashtrays with various colours available. The product shown is the freeze art deco style ashtray, the body of this ashtray has been sandblasted leaving the roor logo in clear glass relief on the edge of the ashtray. Very functional but also built to last like every roor product the materials used are premium schott duran pyrex.

These ashtrays are lovingly finished off by Roor. Roor Check their quality and ensure they meet the exacting standards you have come to expect from Roor artisans. Once satisfied that they are absolutely correct and manufactured to their exact tolerances do Roor allow the Roor logo onto the ashtray

Product Features

Available as:

  • RooR Green Ashtray
  • RooR Red Ashtray
  • RooR White Ashtray
  • RooR Blue Ashtray
  • RooR Yellow Ashtray
  • RooR Black Ashtray
  • RooR Art Deco Ashtray

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GBP Price

820-RASTAGlass ashtray with ROOR logoRasta10.50
820-BLKGlass ashtray with ROOR logoBlack10.00
820-BLUEGlass ashtray with ROOR logoBlue10.00
820-GREENGlass ashtray with ROOR logoGreen10.00
820-REDGlass ashtray with ROOR logoRed10.00
820-WHITEGlass ashtray with ROOR logoWhite10.00
820-YELLOWGlass ashtray with ROOR logoYellow10.00
821Glass ashtray with ROOR logoFreeze Deco Logo10.50

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