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RAW Classic Metal Roll Caddy Tin

RAW Classic Metal Roll Caddy Tin

The RAW Roll Caddy tin is designed for holding rolling papers, pre-rolled cigarettes and filled cones, preventing them from being bent or otherwise damaged while you're on the go.

Pre-roll your cigarettes and herbal cheroots before heading out and about.  This great quality tin from RAW will keep your cones and cigarettes in perfect condition, ready for when you need them most.  Choose from 1 1/4 size tins or full king size slim size.  

The tin is decorated to resemble a packet of RAW natural papers, and features the full logo in the original colours.

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GBP Price

RAW-024-LARGERAW Classic Metal Roll Caddy Tin6 King Size Slim Tins20.00
RAW-024-SMALLRAW Classic Metal Roll Caddy Tin8 1 1/4 Size Tins18.00

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