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Quartz Domeless Concentrate Nail By Amsterdam Glassworx

Quartz Domeless Concentrate Nail By Amsterdam Glassworx

The Quartz Domeless Concentrate Nails are expertly hand made by the master lampworkers of Amsterdam Glassworx.

These nails are made from premium quality quartz glass and shaped to fit male connections of either 14.5mm or 18.8mm.  The nails feature a recess in the top which means you do not need a vapour dome to enjoy your favourite sticky oils, waxes and concentrates.

Like all the Amsterdam Glassworx range, each piece that leaves the workshop is annealed for a full 24 hours to make it incredibly durable, then tested for strength and quality.  A Glassworx quartz concentrate nail is an essential for the concentrate connoisseur.

Was: £50.00 - Now: £35.00

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AGW-021-14Quartz Domeless Nail 14.5mm14.5mm35.00Out of Stock