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PureSativa Terps - 100% Natural & Organic - Mimosa

PureSativa Terps - 100% Natural & Organic - Mimosa

Exclusive terpene profiles from verified genetics imported straight from California. Terpenes are derived from steam distillation of the highest quality extractions and are 100% legal and organic.

These terps are not cut or mixed with anything nasty like PG, VG, Glycerol or any cheap alternatives. Using only the highest quality True Terpene Isolates, chances are if you’ve imported or tasted a flavoured pen from Cali, it’s probably using these exact same terps.

Not derived from cannabis plant otherwise the prices would be sky high. It's the formula which our lab scientists in the states supplies to many companies who make pens and cartridges. Same terps and signature flavour profile but way more affordable and legal.

Product Features

  • Mimosa
  • 2ml
  • High Grade True Terpenes
  • 100% Legal

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PST-012 PureSativa Terps - Mimosa2ml35.00Out of Stock

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