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PureSativa Exclusive Rosin Drip T-Shirt

PureSativa Exclusive Rosin Drip T-Shirt

We made these shirts in time for Spannabis and they went down so well we ending up sellling out. Even after selling out we would continue to be asked if it's going to be made available online......

So befire the trip we made sure to keep a box aside so that when we arrived back from Barcelona so we could release the reamining lot to all our friends and customers.

This exclusive t-shirt features the PureSativa Rosin Drip Logo on the chest as well oversized screen print on the back.


Product Features

  • Limited Edition T-Shirt
  • Guildan Dry Blend (S-XXL)
  • Guildan Heavy Cotton (XXXL)
  • Features PureSativa Rosin Drip Logo

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GBP Price

PS-001-BLK-SPureSativa Exclusive Rosin Drip T-ShirtSmall20.00
PS-001-BLK-MPureSativa Exclusive Rosin Drip T-ShirtMedium20.00
PS-001-BLK-LPureSativa Exclusive Rosin Drip T-ShirtLarge20.00
PS-001-BLK-XLPureSativa Exclusive Rosin Drip T-ShirtExtra Large20.00
PS-001-BLK-XXLPureSativa Exclusive Rosin Drip T-ShirtExtra Extra Large20.00
PS-001-BLK-XXXLPureSativa Exclusive Rosin Drip T-ShirtExtra Extra Extra Large20.00