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PUK Glass Six Shooter Pipes - Clear Gold

PUK Glass Six Shooter Pipes - Clear Gold

The glass PUK design is a round, high quality glass, (puck shaped) self-contained, six-chamber smoking pipe. Featuring an unprecedented six, .5 gram bowls (nearly a 1/8 ounce capacity) in a truly internal, controlled dosing container. There is enough material in a fully loaded PUK for even the most copious of smokers to never need to carry a bag or secondary container with them again.  Our patent protected internal design and mechanisms that make the PUK work are truly unique, and are the same from PUK TO PUK. All tops and bottoms are interchangeable regardless or material or colour.  The signature dual-disk system offers an interchange ability and serviceability never before seen in such a configuration within a hand-pipe.

About the company
PUK PIPE was born on and still happily resides on the beautiful banks of the Ohio river in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded by Kevin Bruns, this company is truly a "garage founded" company. Originally made on a drill press in 1989 at a friend's garage during high-school, everyone loved the pipe design (though it only had four bowls in the early days) and was put to rest for a while to await re-emergence. Then a few years ago, after a career at nasa, the design was revisited by Kevin and fully revived as a truly engineered and manufactured product. The production then was more of a prototype lab until the company purchased its first 3-axis cnc router in May of 2009 to produce its first line of wood PUKS. During this time, the production level was approximately 50-100 units per week and costs were high. Today, we are well out of the garage and have sold thousands of units around the world using various materials and now are geared for our next phase. The much anticipated Glass PUK.

Product Features

How to clean your glass:

Taking care of and cleaning your glass PUK pipe is very quick and easy: first, gently remove any large bits of debris from your PUK with a bit of pipe cleaner or similar implement. Then, pour into a 2 2/2 "diameter container, 1" of any brand household isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) and a dash or two of salt. Allow salt to dissolve. Place both of your parts of your glass PUK, on at a time, in the alcohol solution making sure the parts are both completely submerged in solution. After 2 minutes, gently agitate with a soft brush or pipe cleaner to loosen and remove any remaining material from the bowls and holes. Rinse and repeat if necessary. It's as simple as that! For further information on how to enjoy and care for your PUK, 

Photo Gallery

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