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PuffCo Pro 2 Replacement Atomizer Coil

PuffCo Pro 2 Replacement Atomizer Coil

The Puffco Pro 2 Coil heats and burns your contents instantaneously, resulting in optimized sensation and content retention.

Instructions - Use the Puffco Pro 2 Loading Tool to scoop any contents into the ceramic grade Kanthal heating element. The Puffco Pro 2 Coil is self cleaning and does not require any tool or cleaner to refresh.


Product Features

If you wish to speak with anyone over at Puffco should you experience any issues with your unit then email support@puffco.com and they'll be happy to sort our any issues or questions you may have direct.

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PC-006PuffCo Pro 2 Replacement Atomizer CoilCoil20.00

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