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Pizza (Classic Pop-Top) by 420 Jars

Pizza (Classic Pop-Top) by 420 Jars

This range of glass storage jars from 420 Science are made from the very finest American glass.  Ideal for keeping your herbal smoking blends nice and fresh, these jars also make great display pieces.  Each jar features a different cool design which is baked on during the manufacturing process.


Product Features

  • Machine Blown Glass
  • Permanent Glass Decals
  • Glass Lid w/ Airtight Plastic Gasket
  • Made in the USA
  • Official UK Distributor

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GBP Price

420-105-XSMALLPizza (Classic Pop-Top) by 420 Jars6 Grams (X Small)11.50
420-105-SMALLPizza (Classic Pop-Top) by 420 Jars7 Grams (Small)13.00
420-105-MEDIUMPizza (Classic Pop-Top) by 420 Jars10 Grams (Medium)16.00
420-105-LARGEPizza (Classic Pop-Top) by 420 Jars16 Grams (Large)19.00