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Oil Slick Shield

Oil Slick Shield

Oil Slick Shield

Sharing glass bongs and pipes with friends is an important part of the social aspect of smoking.  There's something about passing a tube to your buddy on the left that just feels right, but these days you could be sharing more than just the glass.
Viruses, coughs and colds can all be transmitted by sharing smoking pipes with others, but other than alcohol swabs which leave an aftertaste we have not had a solution:  Enter our friends at Oil Slick who have created the perfect solution to the problem: The Oil Slick Shield - a revolutionary product that Oil Slick say is a 'bong condom'.
The Oil Slick Shield is a platinum-cured silicone mouthpiece cover that stretches to accommodate any bong mouthpiece, offering full protection from germs and bacteria.  The Oil Slick Shield boasts full medical grade construction, ensuring it is safe, hygienic and crucially, reusable.
Specially designed to have no effect on airflow, the Oil Slick Shield allows you to protect your health without sacrificing the enjoyment from sharing bongs.
Each Oil Slick Shield comes in a special hygienic envelope which is the perfect size to keep in a pocket or handbag for use when you need it most.

Product Features

  • Platinum-cured silicone
  • Stretches to grip and fit any bong
  • Medical-grade materials
  • Helps prevent passign of germs and infections

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OS-SSHLDOil Slick Shield - Pipe mouth piece cover - 1pc1 clear shield4.50Out of Stock

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