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Oil Slick® Sheet PTFE

Oil Slick® Sheet PTFE

The Oil Slick Sheet is a roll of thin, laboratory-grade Polytetrafluoroethylene - or PTFE for short.  The sheet is 122cm long x 41cm wide (48" x 16").  Neither water nor water-containing substances wet PTFE due to it's molecular structure.  

The Slick Sheet is 100% non-stick, 100% resistant to solvents, and heat-proof up to 500F.  All of this makes the Oil Slick Sheet absolutely perfect for use with waxy oils and concentrates.  The Slick Sheet can be used as wrapping or packaging, as a liner for extraction equipment or as a sleeve for glass-on-glass joints.

The Slick Sheet can be scored, folded, and cut and will still be re-usable afterwards.  An ideal re-usable alternative to parchment paper. 

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