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Slick® Ball Mini - 4 Containers

Slick® Ball Mini - 4 Containers

Oil Slick Mini Balls - Box of 4 Balls

The Oil Slick Mini Balls are specially designed concentrate containers, made from platinum-cured, non-stick, medical grade silicone - the highest quality silicone available. Store your sticky concentrates, waxes and butters securely with these high quality silicone balls.  Concentrates cannot adhere to the containers, so instead they will stick to your dabber, making enjoying your favourite extracts easier and cleaner than ever.
As well as being tear-resistant, the silicone imparts absolutely no odour or flavour onto your product, so you can be confident the purity of your extracts is unaffected.  The Oil Slick silicone mini balls can be easily cleaned with regular soap and water, or with alcohol wipes for waterless cleaning.
Each Oil Slick Mini Ball can accommodate around 3 grams of material.  This box contains 4 balls in assorted colours.

Product Features

  • USP6 Silicone - Highest grade available
  • Platinum-cured
  • Non-stick
  • Box of 4 Oil Slick Balls

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GBP Price

OS-SSM-BOil Slick Balls - Box of 4 Mini balls4 silicone balls15.00Out of Stock

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