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Oil Slick - Slick Wrap

Oil Slick - Slick Wrap

Oil Slick - Slick Wrap

Parchment paper designed specifically for botanical extracts. Great alternative to Martha Wrap or Reynolds Pan Lining.

Foil on one side, ultra smooth parchment on the other, Slick Wrap is more non-stick than any brand on the market.

Unlike many culinary papers Slick Wrap is completely “Quilon Free” and contains no chemicals that could contaminate your extracts.



Product Features

  • Slick Wrap is a disposable solution for storing and handling sticky botanical extracts
  • 50 Foot in Length
  • Ultra non-stick silicone means you never lose a drop
  • Foil-backed parchment stays folded; keeps your package safe and secure
  • Unlike conventional parchment, Slick Wrap is BPA and Quilon free
  • Convenient grid on the foil side makes cutting and folding easier

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GBP Price

OS-WRAPOil Slick - Slick Wrap - Foil backed Parchment Paper50 Feet20.00

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