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Micro Oil Slick Stacks - 5 Containers

Micro Oil Slick Stacks - 5 Containers

Micro Oil Slick Stacks

The new Micro Slick Stack containers are a set of five non-stick, Platinum-cured, silicone containers suitable for storing concentrates, oils and honeys.

The containers open in half to reveal a non-stick concentrate dish.  By gently manipulating the flexible container you can easily separate the sticky stuff from the dish itself, ready for dabbing.  

Each micro container is 1" in diameter and will hold approximately 1.5 grams of waxy oil.  Each set of 5 containers comes complete with a storage case.  Exact colours may vary slightly from those shown.

Product Features

  • Slick Stack Micro by Oil Slick
  • Set of 5 containers
  • Non-Stick Platinum-Cured Silicone
  • One inch diameter
  • Holds 1.5g concentrate
  • Includes handy storage case
  • Made in Belgium

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GBP Price

OS-SSMOil Slick Micros, Box of 5 stack Micros5 containers20.00Out of Stock

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