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Large Dry Sift Screen Set by Bubble Bags

Large Dry Sift Screen Set by Bubble Bags

Large Dry Sift Screen Set by Bubble Bags

The Large Dry Sift Screen Set from Bubble Bags is a kit which includes 2 industrial strength trimming and collecting screens for collecting plant crystals and making dry sift.

The aluminium framed screens both measure 36" x 25" x 2" - large enough for a bumper crop of plant trimmings. One screen has 70 micron mesh and the other has 150 micron mesh.  

The first screen can be used to quickly extract resins from plant matter, then use the second, finer screen to remove contaminants and detritus for a high quality sift.

An essential piece of kit for the home extraction enthusiast.


Product Features

  • 36" x 25" x 2" each
  • 2 x screens - 70 micron and 150 micron screen size
  • Lightweight aluminium frames

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GBP Price

BB-04Large Dry Sift Screen Set2 Screens180.00Out of Stock

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