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E-Nail - Electronic Nail (Wooden Model)

E-Nail - Electronic Nail (Wooden Model)

The wooden E-nail is hand-crafted in the UK by an in-house carpenter. Each box is made of British hardwood with dovetailed joints for premium build quality.

All wood is oiled to bring out the natural beauty of each one of these beautiful hardwoods and then inlayed with a brushed stainless steel logo plate.

E-Nail pride themselves on the stability of units to within 1 degree (ambient temperature will affect this).

All of their units heat up in less than 60 seconds for lighting fast vaping!

E-nail units are built to be used in the United Kingdom and Europe, They are all 240V.

Product Features

Every single E-nail unit comes with a lifetime warranty against component failure. This is subject to user damage or mis-use and only covers E-nail Units (Not Heating Coils)

Hardwood Finish

  • Ash
  • Oak
  • Iroko
  • Cherry
  • Walnut

Box Includes

  • Enail Unit
  • Heating Coil
  • Titan Titanium Nail
  • Titan Titanium Carb Cab and Dabber
  • Power Cord
  • Product Manual

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GBP Price

DAB-014-IROWooden Electronic EnailIroko550.00
DAB-014-WALWooden Electronic EnailWalnut550.00
DAB-014-ASHWooden Electronic EnailAsh550.00
DAB-014-OAKWooden Electronic EnailOak550.00
DAB-014-CHEWooden Electronic EnailCherry550.00