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E-Nail - Electronic Nail (Standalone Model)

E-Nail - Electronic Nail (Standalone Model)

The E-nail (Standalone Model) Concentration Station casing is made from steel and powder coated to ensure maximum durability and strength.

Enclosures are custom built and all E-nail units are built in the United Kingdom.

E-Nail prides themselves on the stability of units to within 1 degree (ambient temperature will affect this).
All of their units heat up in less than 60 seconds for lighting fast vaping!

E-nail units are built to be used in the United Kingdom and Europe, They are all 240V.


Product Features

Every single E-nail unit comes with a lifetime warranty against component failure. This is subject to user damage or mis-use and only covers E-nail Units (Not Heating Coils)

Box Includes:

  • Enail Unit
  • Heating Coil
  • Titan Titanium Nail
  • Titan Titanium Carb Cab and Dabber
  • Power Cord
  • Product Manual

Colours Availbale:

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green

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GBP Price

DAB-012-BLKStandalone Electronic EnailBlack450.00Out of Stock
DAB-012-GRNStandalone Electronic EnailGreen450.00Out of Stock
DAB-012-ORGStandalone Electronic EnailOrange450.00
DAB-012-REDStandalone Electronic EnailRed450.00Out of Stock
DAB-012-YELLStandalone Electronic EnailYellow450.00Out of Stock