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Dr. Dabber Silicone Dab Honeymat

Dr. Dabber Silicone Dab Honeymat

Introducing the Dr. Dabber Honeymat. Made of platinum grade silicone, these non-stick pads are the perfect platform for you to organize and display your waxes and oils. They are also a nice, safe station for your favorite glass piece or rig. With a subtle yet striking honeycomb pattern printed on the underside and branding printed on the top, these stylish mats will look great on any dabber's table.

Large Dimension: 12.5" x 12" (side = 6.2")
Small Dimension: 5.5" x 5" (side = 3")

Product Features

  • Slip Grip
  • Heat Transfer
  • Easy to Clean
  • Non-Stick Technology
  • Platinum Cured

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GBP Price

DRD-014Dr. Dabber Silicone Dab HoneymatLarge17.00
DRD-015Dr. Dabber Silicone Dab HoneymatSmall9.00

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