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Cookies Storage Jar Tall

Cookies Storage Jar Tall

The Cookies Storage Jar in the Tall size comes with a top lid that has a convienet hole to either thread or clip the jar to your bag or to make a handle.

There are 2 separate compartments that can screw off and on and inside the smaller top compartment is a silicone lining that can be removed. The bottom compartment is a larger size therefore you can fit taller sized objects more conveniently.

The beauty of this stackable design is that you can customise the Cookies Jar to be as small or as large as you like by screwing on or off the compartments.

Product Features

  • Diameter:  4.9cm
  • Height: 16cm

Photo Gallery

/img/products/39/3975/Cookies Container RAW-026-T 1.jpg
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GBP Price

RAW-026-TCookies Tall 2 Stacked Tall Storage Container BlkDiameter 4.9cm10.00

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