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Cannaflex Simple Siever Screens (Complete Set)

Cannaflex Simple Siever Screens (Complete Set)

Introducing the CannaFlex Disc plant essence extraction system. The World’s First- Dry & Wet sieving capabilities in an affordable, versatile, durable, light weight and easily portable unit.

CannaFlex is perfectly designed and manufactured to satisfy the most demanding customer.

The highest available materials and double stitching throughout are constructed to withstand tremendous wear & tear.

Easy to use
The inner disc is foldable and easily removed or inserted into the sleeve. When intended to be used with dry techniques, the inner disc allows for tahe collection of dry plant essence that comes through the outer micron mesh screens and falls onto the disc for collection. Using the provided collecting card will facilitate with ease at scraping together the captured plant essense

Product Features


  • Collapsible Multi-Micron Sieving Screens with Branded Information
  • 25 Micron Pressing Screen
  • Plant Essense Collecting Card
  • 220, 150, 70, 45 & 25 Micron Screens

Ideal for

  • Fastest return on investment with minimal effort
  • Seed Sorting
  • Dry Sieve Method
  • Rosin Pressing Method

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GBP Price

CAN-013Cannaflex Simple Siever Screens(Complete Set)140.00