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Black Fly High Club Logo 6 Panel Snapback Hat

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Black Fly High Club Logo 6 Panel Snapback Hat

The Official Fly High Club 6 Panel Snapbacks are finally here! This is for the Black hat with black snap and a Maroon brim. All customised throughout with Official Fly High Club labels!

Fly High Club is an Independent, Lifestyle Apparel and Accessories Brand! Powered by DNA Genetics this brand focuses on Exclusive Custom Products and Pieces. 

Product Features

Featuring the Fly script with raised 3d lettering in white stitching. This hat has been built from the ground up and features premium material, thick and strong brim which will keep shape with however you decide to wear it, flat or curved. As well as brand labels all customised throughout we have one placed on the side which you can thread anything through it...the choice is yours!

  • White 3D raised Fly High Club embroidery on front
  • Black Premium Material with a Maroon under brim
  • Woven Fly High Club label sewn on the side the hat
  • Black Snap with woven red Fly High Club label sewn on the edge
  • 58cm Adult Size (adjustable with strap)
  • Innertape with silk Fly High Club print in white
  • Sweatband woven with Official Fly High Club label
  • + Includes Flight Pack - Stickers and Hat Pin (Limited to 250 peices)

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