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ATMOSRX Dry Herb Glass Screen

ATMOSRX Dry Herb Glass Screen

Glass Filters are for those who like enjoy vaporization and are always striving for the best results.

This will fit most Vaporizers such as the Ago, G5, Magic, Atmos Jr, and Atmos Raw Vaporizer Pens. It's guaranteed to fit in the chambers of the Atmos Raw, Atmos Junior, Ago G5, and other similar style vaporizer pens

This filter is designed to rest on top of the heating coil to prevent material from coming in contact with the hot coil. This will result in a decrease in combustion and greater amounts of vapor. The filter is also designed to cool air before passing to the rubber mouthpiece, preventing heat from entering your mouth.


Product Features

  • Less burning and more vaping!
  • Suspends material above heating coils to reduce combustion
  • Protects delicate heating coils
  • 6mm diameter / 1mm thickness
  • Real glass designed to withstand hot temperatures

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GBP Price

ATRAW-009Glass Screen1 Screen1.50