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Atmos - 510 S12 - Dual Cartridge

Atmos - 510 S12 - Dual Cartridge

Made to fit your 510 battery, the S-12 is a dual coil cartridge that can be used for e-liquids and other oils. The S-12’s advanced airflow system uses a rotating ring to cover and expose airholes, providing more or less airflow. This allows users to customize the S-12 to perfectly fit their needs! The cartridge can be completely disassembled for detailed cleaning, and its interchangeable bottom coil atomizer can be easily swapped out whenever replacement is needed. The S-12 is the perfect fit for anyone looking to get optimal performance from their vaporizer.

*Only the Cartridge in the pictures are sold, the pen or box mod does not come included

Was: £9.00 - Now: £5.00

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ATRAW-019Atmos - 510 S12 - Dual Cartridge5.00