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The Original Sour Diesel Arrives at PureSativa courtesy of Cali Connection

by gorilladaze on 08 December 2010

Original Sour Diesel

At last we can say we have the original sour diesel in stock thanks to the Cali Connection Marijuana Seedbank! It has been a long time coming and others have claimed to have sour diesel or indeed have got sour diesel hybrids but the Cali Connection have obtained the Original Sour Diesel and are now offering these seeds to you the avid collector.

At puresativa we have been asked many times to try and get Sour Diesel and have not been able to, we are so excited that we can now offer these exceptionally rare genetics. The Original Sour Diesel is famed throughout the Cannabis community as a variety that offers both potency and flavor. It is especially sought after in the USA and northern American continent, and we have the variety here and in stock.

Remember we are also the sole wholesaler and distributor for Cali Connection Seeds within the United Kingdom.

BE AWARE that we do not ship to the USA so please don't ask!