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easyleaf electric grinder

by easyleaf on 25 October 2012

Its not often that a product comes around that is a game changer, a classic of design and function. 8 years ago the Easyleaf brand hit the UK market with classic designed products for the discerning design led consumer. After many ups and downs the Easyleaf brand is now part of the Puresativa family. Who have reinvigorated the brand and brought to market the product that defined an era the Unique Easyleaf Electric Grinder.

Easyleaf Herb Grinder

Designed form the ground up to be both completely portable yet utterly practical this grinder is by far the best electric grinder you will find anywhere in the world. Made to last with a patented technology that allows for automatic sifting of herb this grinder will never let you down.

The Easyleaf Electric Grinder is a classic in design brought to life once again by Puresativa.com. This grinder is without doubt the bets electric grinder on the planet. The ONLY electric grinder designed to separate the pollen material from dried herb. Using patented blade technology this grinder deposits pollen in the cap of the grinder whilst separating out the flower heads or heavier herb material.

Made from sturdy ABS plastic material this grinder is a pocket sized herb grinder for the guy or girl on the go. Designed to be a simple twist and go action loading the grinder is easy. Twist the cap off pull out the blade and drop your herb into the chamber. Holding the grinder with the chamber pointing towards the ground, you twist the top and the blades whirr into action. The cunning blade design finely chops your herb and allows pollen to gather in the cap of the grinder.

Easyleaf are a brand recognised within the industry as being leaders and innovators. Design led products to bring joy to their users, thats the Easyleaf ethos now brought to you through Puresativa.com the UK's manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of Easyleaf products.