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Bubble Bags and Bubble Box

by gorilladaze on 31 October 2010

Its rare in life that a product comes along that just does what it says it will do, no fuss, no hassles. Well that crafty Bubbleman has not only done this with his bags but his bubble box is perfect too. First the Bubble Bags which come in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 20 gallon sizes offering you the perfect choice of bag for your particualr circumstances. Using Ice Extraction is a very efficient way of preparing your plant essences.

The bubble box on the other hand allows you to store your dried plant flowers upoon mesh screens which having various micron sizes allows the essences from the flowers to pass through preparing varying grades of essence to be produced. Its an inspired design with the quality of the Bubble Box just shining through.

If you feel the need to treat that significant other with a treat then I can honestly say that a bubble box is going to be well recieve and you will be a hero, just for one day! I feel a song coming on ;-)