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A Herb Grinder and Stash Jar that make life just that little bit easier!

by groilladaze on 19 February 2011

A Herb Grinder and Stash Jar that make life just that little bit easier!


These two new products came across my desk recently and I loved the way that suppliers are thinking of new takes on legacy products, Herb Grinders had seemed to be done to me, wooden grinders, metal grinders, the space case grinders with pollen catchers, I thought I had seen it all, then along came the Quick Grinder guys with a simple idea brilliantly executed.


The guys at Quick Grinder realised that a lot of the time after grinding your herb you had to have a little fight in order to extract you herb from the grinder. The solution? Rather elegant really, just have a base plate that you can push up and push the herb out! And this is what the Quick Herb Grinder does, it enables you to grind and then push out your herb in one fluid motion. Fluid being the right word as the whole grinder rotates around a PTFE almost frictionless washer. This gives a really smooth motion to the grinder enabling all the power to be transferred through to the pins, teasing your herb apart perfectly and with minimal effort. Then just push the plates up and voila! Perfectly prepared herb.


Now for those who have limited space and more than one lot of herb to store may I bring to your attention the Enjoy Stash Jar 4 compartment smelly proof stash jar! Again another perfectly designed product that just does what it says on the tin, this is a larger stash jar that is split into 4 even compartments. Allowing you to store more than one lot of herb together in the same stash jar. This is perfect with a tight fighting lid that retains all the smells. Is it the perfect stash jar? It is if you want a strong portable and functional stash jar, made from polycarbonate this jar has rounded corners for ease of access to the contents. Enjoy Jars - Stash Jars we are the official UK Distributor and Wholesaler.