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Cannabis Seeds Blog

Hurry! Free Shipping Offer Ends Today!

31 March 2014

Time is running out to take advantage of our month-long Free Shipping offer, which ends today. To take advantage of this fantastic offer, simply place an order over the value of £50 and enter...

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Rare Limited Edition Seeds

28 March 2014

DNA Genetics are arguably the most prolific cannabis seedbank in the world.  Their multi award-winning LA Confidential has spawned numerous hybrids with all the characteristics that connoisseurs look...

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Great Value Vaporizers From PureSativa.com

26 March 2014

Make no mistake folks:  The vapour revolution is upon us and here at PureSativa.com, we're very happy to be joining in for the ride. Vaporizers have raced to the head of the pack of smoking...

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Goddess Of Grains And Queen Of Strains - PureSativa's Range Of Ceres Seeds

24 March 2014

Ceres Seeds’ derived their distinctive moniker from the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility, but there is nothing mythical about the quality of their outstanding cannabis seeds. Officially...

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Bubble Bag Lite Kits - Home Extraction Just Got Serious

21 March 2014

Producing quality herbal extracts and plant essences has long been an elusive science.  The domain of boffins and folks in white lab coats with adenoids.  Now, thanks to our friends at Fresh...

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It's Cool To Be Kind: PureSativa.com Launches Kind Tray

20 March 2014

It takes a lot to get us excited here at PureSativa HQ.  But, every now and then a new product will arrive on our shelves and we just KNOW it’s going to be massive. That’s how we felt...

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Sensi Seeds - You Know It Makes Sense

19 March 2014

For over 30 years, The Sensi Seed Bank has tinkering with marijuana genetics; refining and optimising some of the world’s most famous strains to ensure that the seeds they offer for sale are the...

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By Connoisseurs For Connoisseurs

17 March 2014

Connoisseur Genetics are based in Amsterdam, the beating heart of the seed industry.  The seedbank is revered among seed collecting enthusiasts for their ingenuity in taking some of the finest, most...

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The Best Of British - Ultra Genetics Cannabis Seeds

14 March 2014

Ultra Genetics are a British company producing excellent quality marijuana seeds in a legal climate outside the UK. The seedbank prides itself on it’s work protecting and proliferating landrace...

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Automatic For The People

12 March 2014

It has taken a while, but finally, we are able to bring Automatic Female Bubblegum Seeds by TH Seeds to the market.                 Bubblegum...

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PureSativa.com - Serious About Seeds

10 March 2014

PureSativa.com – Serious About Seeds When it comes to collectable, souvenir cannabis seeds, you cannot beat the selection offered by PureSativa.com.  We are the sole, UK distributor for the...

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Ladies First! - Feminised Seeds From Flying Dutchmen

07 March 2014

Ladies First!  - Feminised Seeds From Flying Dutchmen Here at PureSativa.com, we comb the entire marketplace to bring you the very best in collectable, souvenir marijuana seeds from the world’s...

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March Madness! PureSativa.com Launches Free Shipping For March!

06 March 2014

March Madness!  PureSativa.com Launches Free Shipping For March! PureSativa.com are pleased to announce that we will be running a special Free Shipping offer for the rest of March 2014! To...

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Saddle-Up With PureSativa.com And The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour

03 March 2014

Saddle-Up With PureSativa.com And The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour On 11th March the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour will set off from just outside Valencia on it’s meandering 3-day procession and...

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