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Cannabis Seeds Blog

Friendly Fibres And Conscientious Cosmetics

28 February 2014

Here at PureSativa.com, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.  We are committed to the design, manufacture and supply of the very best in sustainable hemp clothing and bags, and...

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New Seed Strains From Cali Connection

27 February 2014

The Cali Connection Marijuana Seedbank offers a selection of seeds for real connoisseurs to collect. This includes feminized cannabis seeds of the variety known throughout the world as Kush.  The...

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Atmos Jewel Vaporizers - A Real Gem For Waxy Oils

26 February 2014

Introducing the all new Atmos Jewel Vaporizer Pen which has just landed at PureSativa.com. Atmos have once again demonstrated their superior product design with this gorgeous, sleek vape...

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PureSativa.com Showcase Range Of Vaporizers

25 February 2014

Make no mistake folks: The vapour revolution is upon us and here at PureSativa.com, we're very happy to be joining in for the ride. Vaporizers have raced to the head of the pack of smoking products...

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TH Seeds Jump On PureSativa.com's Big Seed Giveaway

24 February 2014

Last week, we launched our Big Seed Giveaway at PureSativa.com after we teamed up with top seedbanks Paradise Seeds and True Canna Genetics to bring you some really great deals. Those deals are still...

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Roor Are Back And This Time It's Personal

21 February 2014

Cult German manufacturers, Roor have once again got us all giddy with excitement with their Roor Bong 500 Logo Series. The Roor 500 Logo Series allows you, the customer, to choose your own...

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PureSativa.com Launches Big Seed Giveaway

18 February 2014

PureSativa.com have teamed up with the boffins at True Canna Genetics and Paradise Seeds to bring all you budding collectors an offer you can't refuse! Right now, if you buy a packet of Terperella...

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Sanjay Gupta Weed Documentary on Puresativa.com

17 February 2014

In November 2012 the U.S. States of Colorado and Washington voted to legalise the use and possession of cannabis for people over 21 years of age.   On 1 January 2014 (which was dubbed Green...

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Bubble Bag Lite Kits - Home Extraction Just Got Serious

14 February 2014

Producing quality herbal extracts and plant essences has long been an elusive science.  The domain of boffins and folks in white lab coats with adenoids.  Now, thanks to our friends at...

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Rare Dankness launch three new Cannabis Strains

10 February 2014

Rare Dankness have launched three new strains each one unique and using some of their existing superb strains to imporve and bring out the real flavours of the plants. Full of fruits and packed full...

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