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auto flowering cannabis seeds all new selection

by autoflowering cannabis seeds on 29 June 2012

We have a massive new range of Auto Flowering seeds by the Paradise Seedbank. The experts at Paradise have launched a full range of autoflowerers that have some fantastic yields.

They have also  brought  together collectors packs 1 and 2

collectors pack 1 contains  2 Auto Wappa, 2 Auto Whiteberry, 2 Vertigo whilst collectors packs 2 contains three mindblowing feminized autoflowering varieties in one pack. 2 seeds per variety in a small container, in total 6 seeds.   2 Auto Acid, 2 Auto Maria, 2 Pandora

They have also bred some amazing strains for the discerning collector to add to their collection. So we have decided to put all the Auto Flowering seeds into one place so its easy for you to find the right one for you. You can fine our entire collection here

Some of the newer varieties are :

Auto Acid by Paradise Seeds

"Auto Acid is our automatic flowering Diesel hybrid created by selecting and back crossing over several generations. The result is a vigorous plant that stretches a little, she seems to get taller than most auto flowering varieties. "

Auto Lemon Skunk by DNA Genetics

"Over the past 3 years we have had a great response from our automatic 60 Day Wonder so now we have decided to spice things up a bit with this new cross to make the 60 Day Lemon."

Auto Whiteberry by Paradise Seeds

"This is the 4th generation auto flowering Whiteberry, she has been back crossed until the desired traits from the original mother (White Berry) are distinctly present within the auto flowering version. This beauty has inherited the flavour and purple colours as well as the resinous densely formed buds from her mother."


More Flavours from Tasty Puff

Tasty Puff have added 3 fun new flavours to their range of flavouring drops. We are the official distributor and wholesaler for Tasty Puff Drops in the UK

 The new flavours to the range are




They all seem self explanatory but for Puffy le Pew. We still don't know what that falvour is meant to be.