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Cannabis Seeds Blog

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds and Marijuana Strains

20 December 2010

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds and Marijuana Strains Some types of Cannabis have been developed to be auto flowering, these strains of marijuana are not dependent on the light cycle at all and will...

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The Original Sour Diesel Arrives at PureSativa courtesy of Cali Connection

08 December 2010

Original Sour Diesel At last we can say we have the original sour diesel in stock thanks to the Cali Connection Marijuana Seedbank! It has been a long time coming and others have claimed to have...

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Hemp Cosmetics, Hemp Soaps and Shampoos from Bottega Della Canapa Italy

02 December 2010

Driving through Italy I arrived at Bologna the sun was up and my skin was feeling a little, you know, harsh! It was the height of summer the temperatures rising and you felt like you had been staring...

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