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Cannabis Seeds Blog

Bubble Bags and Bubble Box

31 October 2010

Its rare in life that a product comes along that just does what it says it will do, no fuss, no hassles. Well that crafty Bubbleman has not only done this with his bags but his bubble box is perfect...

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OGiesel Marijuana Seeds from the Cali Connection Seedbank

26 October 2010

It sometimes never ceases to amaze me the variety or marijuana seeds available now, and here we have the OGiesel strain from the Cali Connection. I just love the way the name of this trips off the tongue,...

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Sick of Losing your Lighter? Then you need the Lighter Leash!

22 October 2010

Where do all the lighters go? Its a bit like the age old dilema of dissapearing socks? BIC Pens where do they go, you have a pen to hand then you go to use it has sloped off! Lighters just when you...

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Bonfire Night or Halloween

18 October 2010

Halloween or Bonfire Night? Halloween is a relatively new celebration to the United Kingdom, or should I say the american version of Halloween, the trick or treat. I was determined not to utter...

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Is it too early to talk about Christmas?

17 October 2010

I was wandering around the town today and began to see the encroaching touch of christmas sprouting up. It was subtle to be sure, christmas cards are already in the card shops! Wrapping paper has appeared...

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