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How to use a ROOR Water Pipe

Due to long-term design studies and functionality tests, ROOR-bongs allow for an optimum of smoking pleasure. The ROOR models' different water/volume ratios guarantee the satisfaction of every kind of smoker characteristics.

Besides a perfect design, the pipe - however - has also to be used correctly in order to give utmost smoking delight. Thus, take the following hints into consideration:

  1. Only a clean bong can taste well. If regularly cleaned, the pipe will not be only a pleasure to the eyes, but also to the respiratory organs.
  2. The content of water is of considerable importance for a smooth inhalation process. Too little water leads to poor filtering, too much water can even result in a situation where the smoker's mouth gets in contact with the water. The right water volume depends on the size of the pipe's body, the size of the ground-joint and on the user's inhalation speed or strength. Thus, test your ideal water volume best with a clean pipe and clean water.
  3. Disperse the smoking mixture well in the bowl. Start with a low input.
  4. Light the mixture, inhale regularly, and pull the bowl off soon enough so that you can still empty the pipe of smoke in one stroke and even inhale a little bit of fresh air afterwards. No smoke must remain in the pipe, as the taste of it will not be mild any more and could lead to coughing! The inexperienced smoker should stepwise raise the smoke quantity until he is aware of his individual lung capacity. Thus, start with a low quantity of smoke - approx. 1/3 of the pipe's volume. If this seems to be too little, then enhance the quantity until a subjectively good hit has been reached. For this, the lung should be filled with smoke, the bronchia, however, with fresh air.