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Holy History

Being born in Africa, holy’s chief breeder Nick, was exposed to weed at a very young age. His early years were spent working with the many different landraces, logging and quantising their potential. At 21, Nick came to Europe, where he delved into the variety of indica’s, separating those with favourable traits. It was a natural course that would lead him to incorporate his trusted African genetics into this melting pot. Out of the 10+ landraces, there really seemed to be no true representative of any, so the job fell squarely on nick, who certainly took the bull by the horns. We have immensely strong psychoactive sativa’s in Africa that have either been overlooked or have been too strong for the majority of breeders but strong pot is holy’s Shangri-La and in so doing they have brought fresh genetics to an often stagnant gene pool. Holy smoke have been flying the SA flag in Europe for many years now, honing their technique, culminating in six new super-strains which have been blowing up on the underground scene!! If you haven’t had your hands on them yet, then you’re missing out. The Diesel for example, is just so very more’sh, it’s delicious like a nice sweet: as soon as it’s done you’ll reach for another as it literally melts in your mouth. The infamous Kong established three years ago, has a huge following – it’s phenomenal! The vibration from Kong’s stone is so vibrant, that you just beam from it really nice. Next is a very interesting plant that requires a little more acre but the results are simply marvellous: The Black Honey Haze. It’s spicy sweet aniseed stone lasts from 3-5 hours and is truly a labour of love. Now, a really rich sweet pungent ripe pineapple, very strong smelling and even stronger growing, the Pineapple Funk is proving very stable in the house of Holy’s genetics as multiple candelabra style buds reach for the sky! These girls are very heavy with specimens reaching the kilo mark. Give them light and step back! This sweet sativa will tantalize everyone it comes into contact with; also a truly lovely daytime smoke. Goldfinger is the next strain out of the Holy vault. These f1’s grow so strong and with so much vigour with a deeply sticky toffee head banger of a strain, these babies grow a quiver of colas as fat as tennis balls; but sharp and pointy that pierce straight through the veil of modern days blind society. Here’s a stone whose vibe will lead you down a truly thoughtful and introspective time when things stand still. As contemplation draws itself ever closer to realization as the Kong interacts allowing you to drift off. Mouth-watering and imaginative, you know you’re going to have to try this one. The jackpot is a more commercial cropper – a fruity hash plant that grows one huge central cola, thick and greasy pure headstash, sit back and let it go to work for you. A deep narcotic stone awaits those who do, rounding up the very best of the new generation!! With full flavour and extremely strong THC content at their core and a future project with Simon from Serious Seeds you can guarantee to be hearing a lot more from these boys!!