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Dready Cannabis Seeds History

Over the past 12 years Dready has had an interest in growing things. Not just for cannabis for medicinal use but a lot of vegetables have been grown too. He just loves to grow, Indoor and outdoor strains, you will see that wherever he goes there are green lush plants around him. Obviously due to UK restrictions and silly statute laws or as Dready said “stupid laws that they can’t even make up their own bloody minds up about!!”, Dready has been secretly studying marijuana plant genetics and the art of breeding medicinal cannabis to make better strains for himself. The idea first came about almost 10 years ago when Dready wanted to save some of his favorite strains in case of unforeseen circumstances or just for saving them for long term periods.  So he set about learning how. Whilst saving his favourites he also experimented with the crossing of several different strains together to make some new types of his own. Most of his attempts were very successful and now Dready has a nice collection of all his strains in seed form.

It has taken a long time for him to complete this task of backing up his cannabis strains and saving the seeds at every stage along the way. Dready likes to keep each level of breeding stored as seeds so he can go back a step if he needs to.  

So after backing everything up and the addition of a few new favourite varieties given to Dready, he set about moving his marijuana strains to a safer place. So for the past 3 years, Dready has been in and out of Spain and the USA collecting even more varieties and setting his own ideas into action. A few experiments have taken place in the state of California breeding some fresh new genetics into his favourite strains and these are ongoing at present. The majority of his work is carried out in Spain now and he is involved in a few breeding programs to produce some new varieties that will be available in the coming years. A collection of his favourites and a few selected from special places around the world will be available. His idea is to only provide the best strains and of the highest standard he can. Dready Seeds will be providing both regular and feminised strains when he is in full swing but at present he has only released a few feminised strains, including crosses of strains like Jack Herer, White Widow and Blueberry amongst others.

Dready has a few more strains that he holds very close to himself and in time he will let them out and share them with us I’m sure. He also has a few other marihuana strains that will be being released via another cannabis seed company as a special Dready collection but his main focus is to continue his breeding efforts to better his strains for Dready Seeds.

Dready Cannabis Seeds will be an ultimate collection of all his favourites, with all the best flavours included and with very good medicinal properties. All his seeds are stored well and packaged in a secure fashion. You are guaranteed a good yield (in countries where it is allowed) and you will not be disappointed with the end produce. You can expect great things to come from Dreadybob in the next few years so keep your eyes open for his strains and check them out.