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Detailed Information on ROOR Water Pipes

The collection of thick walled pipes are hand blown to perfection with the idea of clean lines and a minimalist finish. They come in various sizes and thickness, however each piece is individually unique and very beautifully made.

ROOR quality water pipes provide stylish and modern designs made from the finest boro silicate glass

The collection starts and varies from the thickness of the walls-the slimmest being 2mm and going up to 7mm.The difference in prices from pipe to pipe are due to the extra glass being used aswell as the added production costs which entail. A difference of 2mm can increase the budget by 40 per cent; however, this also means a far stronger pipe, which is evident.

ROOR water pipes are forged at such high temperatures; they are put in a special developed chip-controlled program, and then are cooled down in a kilt to become stress free, making ROOR water pipes far stronger than any of its rivals. The high quality production costs are the reason for the high quality prices, but as is well known, one gets, what one pays for.

A minor knock in hot water could damage lesser pipes, which is why it pays back in the long run, to pay for ROOR quality products, which are unbelievably strong.

ROOR water pipes are available with 14.5mm and 18.8mm ground joints.

The nozzles are available in 14.5mm and 18.8mm, however, the size of the down pipe remains the same.

The base of the water pipes are also another extra ordinary feature of the ROOR pipe collection, offering a stable mount, due to a strong and thick saucer shaped bottom, with an average span of 10-12cm.

These base plates insure safe use and storage of ROOR water pipes, as opposed to the many cheaper varieties on sale, which do not have such great foundations-which ever way you look at them.

An added touch to ROOR water pipes are the glass gauzes, which have replaced the traditional and inferior metal gauzes which cheaper quality pipes have made the norm. This enhances the flavour and cleanliness of the smoke greatly.