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World launch of high-tech hemp accessories from UK Company

The Hemp Food Industries Association (HFIA) is proud to note the introduction of a superior range of accessories based on new and improved Hemp fabrics.

These additions to a large range of environmentally trendy hemp based accessories shows the affect that new softer and stronger hemp and cotton blends are bringing to the industry.

These novel products are manufactured by Arrogance Ltd. Who specialise in accessories. The inaugural launch of the PURE hemp brand is to be at the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival, Horticultural Hall, Victoria, 27 May to 4 June.

The use of hemp as a fiber dates back thousands of years. It is only in recent times that the emerging trend for goods that are kinder to the planet that hemp has really advanced. No longer are hemp products based upon course rope-like fibers, modern technology now brings you strong, soft and longwearing materials that suit your style and pocket. A hemp/ denim mix is the latest result of research carried out to improve on existing fibers and looks sure to hit the market with a bang!

Managing Director Amit Vora states that "Arrogance hopes to show that companies can provide trend setting, fashionable bags and still be environmentally friendly" and with the launch of the range known as Pure - Fashion by Nature, we expect to see hemp hitting the fashion headlines.

Starting from just 3.99 this exclusive range includes bowling bags, baguette bags, rucksack, shoppers, waist bags, wallets and purses in attractive Khaki, Grey, Ice, Black and new Denim colours.

To celebrate the launch of this new range Arrogance shall be launching their new international internet shopping site - www.pure-hemp.com - where customers can choose their products and order on-line. Local stockists shall be able to list their details for free so customers who still prefer to shop 'in the real world' can visit their local stockist.

Supporting any hemp product supports a growing range of industrial uses from this versatile plant including hemp food products (snack bars, ice cream, bread, oil etc.), hemp plastic products, hemp paper, hemp fuel. The recently released book entitled H.E.M.P. By Paul Benhaim, along with the above mentioned products will shortly become available via the pure-hemp.com web site. Hemp is being grown throughout the UK and Europe, China, North America, Australasia and now Africa. By wearing your pure hemp product you are supporting a part of what will soon be known as the environmental hemp revolution.