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Little Sista

The prestigious glassblowery ROOR has been participating at the International CannaBusiness since its first show and chose the event also this year as a forum to present their new model to the public.

Being trailblazers as far as bong design and quality is concerned, the ROOR-team again presents something special: the "Little Sista" - a glass pipe with an unusual shape, and an unusual name! We asked the creator of all ROORs for a brief comment: "Our company philosophy has always been to created the perfect pipe for each smoking behavior - perfect with regard to function, esthehtics and quality.

Besides the ongoing production we always experiment with new shapes and glass techniques. Our 'Little Sista' is thus also a model for which we worked a lot - and, of course, which we also tested a lot - until she met all our high demands. E.g. we didn't choose the conical shape of its bowl base for esthetical reasons only, but also because it allows for a more stable standing compared to the usual bowl-shaped base - such things are extremely important to us, as our customers rightly expect from us no short-living one-way product, but elaborate and long-living quality products.

Through its conical bowl, the 'Little Sista' contains about four time as much water as a bong. This obviously alters immensly the inhalation characteristics, and some smokers love the thereof resulting subpressure. This bowl shape already apprears in our collection with the 55 cm high "Dealers' Cup Winner" - the "Little Sista" with a hight of 35 cm, a wall thickness of 3.2 mm and an outer diameter of 40 mm is - also in view of its price range - her big brother's little sista...